Desert City Diva – the Podcast Edition

Hello, this is Corey Lynn Fayman welcoming you to Desert City Diva, the Podcast Edition. Desert City Diva is part of my Rolly Waters mystery series and you can find out more about my books and me at

Rolly Waters is a part-time detective who works the sunny streets of San Diego, California. He’d rather be playing his Stratocaster guitar for a living, but his career as a rock star crashed and burned some time ago. Now he’s trying to make good on promises he made to himself and help a few people along the way. Detective work leads down some dark alleys and poking his nose into other people’s business can be dangerous. Take this case, for instance. This case just put him in the hospital.

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About the Author:

Boredom, and a warped sense of literary ambition, led me to conceive of the character of Rolly Waters, the guitar-playing detective first featured in the San Diego Book Awards Finalist Black’s Beach Shuffle. Unduly encouraged by this early success, or perhaps from my personal need for symbolic revenge against guitar playing show-offs, I set about writing a second Rolly Waters Mystery, Border Field Blues, winner of the Genre Award at the 2013 Hollywood Book Festival.

Unlike my hard-rocking protagonist, I can only manage a couple of beers before I have to lie down and take a nap. I’ve managed to stay married to the same woman for more years than either of us probably expected, aided by a shared love for improvised driving adventures and an arid sense of humor.

Many years soaking up the temperate climate that my hometown is famous for has had no noticeable effect on my attitude.

I hope you enjoy the Podcast Edition of the Rolly Waters mystery novel Desert City Diva.